Zoological Health Literature Studies

CBS 810 Section 601

This course helps veterinarians review the relevant literature important for preparation for the American College of Zoological Medicine Board examinations (ACZM Requirements).  It is a distance learning course conducted on the web.  Students review assigned primary and textbook literature, develop study questions, and constantly quiz themselves on the literature.

“Non-degree seeking” (NDS)  should go to the NC State Distance Education site to learn how to apply by selecting the third tab, “Non-Degree”.  It is important to choose “non-degree seeking” or NDS for this process.

The application is 3 pages in length.  Once the application is submitted, it will be reviewed and you can expect to receive a welcome email within 5 business days, if admitted (usually much sooner).  The application fee will be waived.  Please complete the application without making payment and we will override it for you.

Tuition for in-state is $407.47 and for out of state $892.47.  This includes full library access.

As an alternative to the course, alumni of NCSU can join Friends of the Library and for a nominal fee get library access to a reasonable subset of the ACZM reading materials.  For those who can, this is a good approach to gaining library access.

Please contact Dr. Michael Stoskopf if you have any questions about the course content, structure, or purpose.

If you have any questions regarding enrollment or your application, please email Spencer Scorsone or you may reach him at 919-513-1532.

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